The Wonderful World of Kinyarwanda

Posted: May 17, 2012 in Publications
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I present to you a book that I published (printed and photocopied) about 12 years ago in Rwanda. It was beautifully written and illustrated by a very good friend of mine, Patrick Longstaff, and edited by myself and my student (and teacher) Jean-Baptiste Ndikubwimana.

It was the first ever English-Kinyarwanda phrase/grammar book ever printed, and still is as far as I know. It was designed to help incoming VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas) volunteers grapple the linguistic quirks of the national language of the Land of a Thousand Hills.

Soon bootleg copies were being passed around local church missions, charity organisations and the UN.

Due to popular demand, I decided to publish it on-line for the first time after digging out a dusty old copy from the attic and scannning it for your downloading pleasure.

Feel free to distribute this to all who are interested.

Murakoze cyane cyane na mugende n’amahoro.

  1. Chris Heap says:

    So pleased that this gem is getting a wider airing. There has never been anything quite like it, and I STILL use it!

    • insiderphil says:

      Thanks Chris! It only took me 12 years to scan and publish it! I was waiting for the technology to catch up. Thanks to Sarah Kakooza for asking me for a copy.

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